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Need Price For Stencil

I Need A Cut Out Of An 18" Fire Hydrant To Use As Stencil For Painting On The Street. It Has To Be At Least 1/8" Material (possibally Polycarbonite). Is Anyone Interested In Doing This.
I'm Not Exactly Sure What That Materal Is. How Durable Is It? Will It Break If It Is Handled Roughly? The Final User Of This Item Will Be Firemen And They Can Be Pretty Rough On Materials.


New Member
what are people doin...ITS ONLY A STENCIL!!! CORO, CARDBOARD, PIECE OF 1/4" PLYWOOD!!!! cheap stuff....make 2 or 3.....if you need for a long period of time!!!
i used to do a stock car for this one guy.....#67 and the numbers were not a font, i think the original painter frehanded these.
the guy liked them so well he mad card board copies....and when i lettered his cars...he dug out these old floppy pieces of card board.....he was happy i was happy..