Need quick answer! Please! VP-540


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Hi Guys and Gals,

Just got a new VP-540 and upon returning to the capping station on every pass, it seems to bang a little. Is this normal? Install guy says yes but...

gators2001 the original post got accidentally deleted...



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Ours doesn't bang. Find out what yours is banging against. Ours DOES sort of make a phooof sound as the carriage ends its run in one direction and reverses. I think that's normal.

Cable tension would be my guess. If it's "slapping" (too little tension) I think it could cause problems. It's supposed to be 11 lbs. I think.

But I'm no technician. I'd shut her down until I found out.

mark in tx

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You need to isolate the "banging", is it a screw head knocking against the surge mist pad cover? Are the capping stations not retracting? etc...

Those heads will only cost $1200.00 if something ruins them, not to mention the install, calibration, technician travel, etc...


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Noisy VP-540...

I do remember the first time I heard a VP printing…and freaked out! There is a “small noise” as the head carriage contacts the capping station for misting.

You will hear a "small" noise as the head carriage contacts the capping station. This is why…

First, you have to understand that the VP-540 has a different capping station and “spitting” mechanism than the SP-540. You do not hear this noise on the SP models.

This is how the machines are different--

The SP-540 has a Surge Mist Filter (otherwise known as a “spit sponge) where the heads mist excess ink on each pass. The Capping Station is on a motorized elevator, and is lowered when the printer is “printing”. The heads do not contact the capping station while the printer is printing.

The Surge Mist Filter mechanism has been removed on the VP-540, and the misting is done directly into the Cap Tops. The VP-540 Capping Station is on a hinge system, and the head carriage is designed to “contact” the capping station and pivot it up to lightly contact the heads so they can mist without getting ink all over the place.

So do you hear a noise that doesn't sound like what I am describing? How loud is it? Perhaps the capping station is “loose” and you are really hearing it rattle. Also, please be sure that you are using the latest firmware, as I believe that there was a change sometime this year that affects the misting (might reduce the noise by slowing down the motor as it contacts the capping station).

Current Firmware for the VP-540 is 1.8

In any case, you can see what I’m talking about if you override the safety on the side cover, and let the printer run. You may be able to see what exactly you are hearing.


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Super Secret Roland Tech??

Negative. Not Scott.

Just your friendly neighborhood service guy that doesn't want to step on the feet of your local Roland dealer. I called your dealer when I saw your post.

I am a friendly competitor and you need to have a good experience with your machine regardless of who you purchased it from... besides it's good karma :cool:


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I have a magenta line that prints at both edges of the print. only fires on the pass coming back to the capping stations, and obviously on bi-directional.


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Magenta line...

Could be as simple as a head adjustment/calibration.

Your XJ should be covered under the 2-yr trouble free warranty.
Call your dealer for a warranty service.