Need to purchase Illustrator...recomendations.

Steve C.

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Because of my work with OTF and autoligatures it looks like I am going to
need Illustrator. I've been a long time Corel user and just can't believe they
aren't keeping up with the times on this. Anyway, searches have just made
me more confused. I was thinking I could just get an older version like CS2,
but prices are all over the place. I've seem CS4 for $200 to $600. and older
version more expensive that newer versions. I won't need the intire Adobe
Suite, just Illy. And it will be use on an older machine, I'm not sure of the
specs on it. It is XP and I am using Corel X3 on it no problem.

This is the best price I have found.....can it be trusted?


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I would be very careful.

Adobe requires a password or internet hook-up to activate the program. They may not support the older software on a new purchase, I would call Adobe....

Also, you may be looking at CS5 coming out in the next 6-8 months.