Need Help Need to purchase Oracal 3640-G 30"

Jim Hill

Running into problems purchasing Oracal 3640-G in 30" size.
I have contacted a few different supply houses and they do not have it.
I did not want to use the 3641-G because these images are installed on store windows.

I placed an order for a roll from Grimo and they thought they would have it with a week or two but now it appears they cannot get it.
I asked them if it was because of the COVID 19 and they said they did not think that was the problem.

Anyone else having problems with Oracal or know where I may be able to purchase a roll.
I am wondering if maybe they are fazing out of the 30" material because many of these printers are getting older.



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If oracal still makes it, Grimco can get it. It just might take them awhile. Usually they get shipments every 1-2 weeks.

30" isnt that common and is usually special made / ordered.

Do they have 54" they can slit into a 30 / 24 for you? That might be your only option. I see 54" is in stock in Canada while 30 is special order.... not sure about USA. 60" is also special order... but you can see if they can get that in and cut it into 2x 30 rolls, if a 24" is too small for you.

Or ask them for an equivalent with a clear glue... Avery makes some 30" with clear backing. HP750 is one... We print on it with our latex fine, not sure about solvent compatibility, and it is 30% more expensive than that orajet.

30" isnt too popular for print media... everytime we order true print we need to get it slit down, or wait a few weeks.

Jim Hill

Found the Oracal 4640-G in the 30" size at Fellers and they had a few rolls in stock.
I had not checked Fellers earlier because I thought no one used 30" for wraps. I guess I was wrong.

They also had the best price after checking about 6 supply houses.

Just thought I would let others know where I found the 3640-G in 30" size

Thanks Jim

Jim Hill

Today I went for the very first time to Fellers to pick up the Oracal 3640-G

My first surprise was that they only have an 800 number that rings in Tulsa, Ok. for all of their locations in the country.

I called first just to make sure the product had been shipped from Orlando to their Tampa location and the lady in Tulsa assured me that it was in Tampa.

I drive over to their warehouse and there is one or two people working and no office staff and when I asked why no local phone number to call to check on items in stock he said it's all handles from Tulsa office.
They run a very tight ship with limited employees and their prices were really very reasonable and I will now be doing business with them in the future.

Jim Hill


In early June I ordered 30 - 54" rolls of 3641G and it took 22 days to receive, in normal times it's 2-3 days. I have heard from two different suppliers that COVID is a factor.