Networking now network ,not interneting

I went in and put a manuel IP address from the router, the highest 1 there was and not the computer network is working(YEAHHHHHHHH) but that computer won't access the internet, I didn't put a DNS address, I didn't know what to put there, anyone have any ideas?


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Depends on your ISP. Ideally, your router should assign your computer's IP and DNS (DHCP). The only setting that may need to me manually assigned is the Default Gateway, which should be the router's IP address.
I thought it worked that way but with out that in the network connections screen it say :

"Aquirring Address"

now it says

" Lan or High speed internet

IP address *****
Subnett mask ****
manualy configured


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Do you know the IP of the router? If so, type that IP into the DNS.

Are you accessing the internet from the computer in question?