Never had this problem before!

mark in tx

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I received a file from a customer on DVD, it is a 1.7 gig file with a .psb extension.
They are using CS2 on a Mac, I am using CS2 on a PC. I have received files from them before with no problem.

When I try to open the file I get an error message that says the scratch disk is full.

I have copied the file from the DVD to my hard drive, same problem.

I am not using the "C" drive for a scratch drive, my seperate scratch drive assigned to photoshop is 80 gigs.

The customer resent the file as a .tif, which is 300 megs, but I still get the same "Scratch drive is full" error message.

This error does not show up on any other large files I have.

Is this possibly a Mac vs. PC problem?
Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

Any ideas?

Thanks y'all.


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Just a thought but have you tried using the "open as" using the psd format instead of the psb? I've gotten that to work before instead.