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never said hi


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I have been a member of signs 101 for a bit now and never said hello (just asked questions) I have been in the sign busniess for about 5 years now. My family owns a body shop here in Indiana we do a ton of collission repair and a bunch of custom paint work. So that was what brought us to buy a cutter for negitives for paintwork. We are also drag racers, yet another reason to have a in house vinyl guy. The drag racing side of things has brought us to a point now where we are going to buy a printer and expand the vinyl side of the busniess. So thats who I am. I love this site it is a great place to get a straight up awnser about something. There are so many people on here that know whats going on in this industry. Thanks to the administrators of this site and the sponsers of this site for giving all of us a great place to go for awnsers and other information.
Drew Olson


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Ill third that thank you to the creators n stuff and Id be making everyone coffee but it gets kinda messy tryin to cramp it thru the monitor....
But hey the thoughts there...
Welcome dude


Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Hi Drew! Is it gettin' cold there in central Indiana yet? I graduated from Logansport HS in '71, and have been to Peru a lot of times over the years. I have a sister-in-law who is a pharmacist at the CVS there in town... she had her own pharmacy across the street from CVS until they moved in and bankrupted her, and now she works for 'em. Ennyway, welcome to the sign biz.


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Welcome Drew to Signs101, and thank you to all who make this site what it is today!


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bigdawg your from bristol i know a few people from there some of my closest friends live there actually i love it down there beautiful place we get down there 5-6 times a year and love going every time


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Stop in next time you're here! We're right across the street from the downtown post office... can't miss us!


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bigdawg we well only be going there once (planned) at least next year that will be for the race because the boyz moved there shop from there to up here in indy