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new 54" toy


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I bought my sp300 about 9 months ago and had great success with it right away...so much so that last week at the long beach show I bought the sp540 to go with it

I bought the printer from nu sign, the company that sells the triangle bulk ink system...and they warranty the ink as well as handle the roland warranty so there will never be an issue with 2 different people pointing a finger as to who the problem is with ..the ink or the printer...not that I think there is any issues to deal with.

the service is great so far ...I bought the light version of the wasatch software to run the 540 so the software is the same essentially for both printers so I can run jobs off of both and not worry about issues with them being different...I should say that I switched the 300 over to the triangle ink at the same time and printed out 2 vehicle wraps over the weekend and installed them on monday after laminating them

The big worry was the inks but in the end I was convinced there would be no problems and was sold on the look and color output and also the huge cost difference in ink consumption...they are throwing around the number of less than .10 per foot in ink costs...and after using it for a week now I tend to believe that number as true


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The guys over at nusign are great, Ive spoken with Tony several times and he is always willing to lend a hand if he can...

Ive been running the Triangle bulk ink for quite some time now with zero issues. I love the stuff and it is superior to the OEM inks in every way. The 10 cent mark is probably pretty close for 720dpi mode. If you get a chance try out some of their nu-flex banner material, it prints really nice with the new inks.