new business : devices skinning


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Hello guys
I was surfing the web all days long and finally found this forum in which i hope i can get some answer for my "likely to start soon" business.

It would be devices skinning, varies from skin for laptop, game console, ipods... (like,
From what i ve been researching, i may need vinyl, but then come the problems, i am not familiar with those terms like:

- Self adhesive vinyl vs adhesive back vinyl ( are they both the same thing ?) if they are 2 different kinds of thing , which one should i get ?
- I learnt about cast and calendar vinyl, but theres some thing like Punched and punched that i couldnt find out the meaning, so what do they mean ?
- Should i get self adhesive vinyl so i can print on 1 side while the other side can stick to the device surface?
- Dont i need Overlaminate as what i expect is 2 years lasting ?
- What kind of ink/printing solution should i try ?

Thx in advance


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1. Yep
2. Some cutting devices move the media by way of sprockets that fit into the "punched" media. (holes along both edges) Some cutters just use friction feed.
3. Yep.
4. Yep, if you're printing these "skins".
5. The printer you're going to purchase will in all likelihood have a specified ink to use in it. Solvent printing is what we do, good for outdoors especially.


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omg, didnt expect to get answers so fast like that, thx you threeputt!
Btw : any brand do you recommend ?



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Before we get into brand discussion.... what is your budget?

There are some printers for 11K.... and some for 70K.

I will venture and say if you're looking for a eco-solvent printer, your best bet would be a VersaCamm. Run you about $11,000 american dollars.

But there are many, MANY kinds of printers out there. Who knows... maybe you don't even want a eco-sol printer. Maybe thermal would fit your needs better!?!?


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Hey Flamemaster
This is likely a small budget project, around 10.000 will fine :)

And besides, about the vinyl, what should i get ? it maynot need to be cheap one cause i expect to get mid range Vinyls :)
(i did order a product from those skin sites and they use something from 3M)


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I'd suggest a removeable intermediate vinyl w/ laminate. I like Oracal products myself.... so maybe try.

Roland Versacamm 30" w/ cutter - $10,999

Oracal 3621 for flat surfaces (removeable adhesive).

But for curved surfaces, you have to use a permanent adhesive to get the flexible vinyl. Such as 3651 or 3551.

Laminate with a Ding laminator and 215 laminate.

Seeing as you're in Vietnam, you may have to find someone in your area that carries products similiar to these, but that's what I'd suggest.

1. Get a eco-solvent printer.

2. Get a cold laminator.

3. Get flexible, adhesive backed vinyl and matching laminate.

4. Buy the programs need, such as CorelDraw or Illustrator.

Would put you in business for a total under $15,000.


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cool man, guess i'll be working with my partner and hanging around this forum for a long time :)
thx much