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Ok, I have a small problem and it's getting to be annoying as I can't print currently from my mimaki jv3-130spII. Ripping from flexi8.6, our new machine sends a job over to the printer, but an error 23, host i/f reading comes up on the printer. I checked the firewire connections on the printer and pc and they're fine. What could be the problem?

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Well, I am no expert. But, I am sitting in the booth with Mimaki this morning at SEMA.

I asked about your situation and they recommended several things:

- Check "Device Manager" and make sure that you don't have any issues with the Firewire devices or drivers.

- Ensure that the "color mode" (4 color or 6 color) are correct in Flexi.

- Ensure that you have the correct media size set in Flexi.

They said that if either of those settings are incorrect, it could throw that error on the printer.

They were not sure if that specific printer has a 64 bit driver. I only mentioned this to them because I think that I remember you telling me that you have a 64 Bit system for your RIP workstation and that is why you are not using Rasterlink.

On that note, the folks here said that it is possible to run Rasterlink on a 64 bit Vista system, but only the newest version (Rasterlink 4, I think). Even then, it is a little "unstable", so I wouldn't use that in a production environment quite yet.