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Hello, My name is Clay, I'am just starting out at this. This is my first at starting my own business. I don't even have a name for my shop yet. I thought about C&G Graphics and Lettering. (any ideas will be helpfull somthing simple). I'am starting out as part time, working out of my garage. I just ordered a Roland CX-24 cutter and Corel Draw software. I will be doing lettering and graphics on small signs to start out with. This forum is great, I have learned alot allready by reading these forums. I will have a some questions later. :Big Laugh

Thanks Clay, cmacky56


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hey "clay"...hmmmm ryhms! naming a shop, most go with the area or owner. me too. since it's usually a "custom/service" driven market. Unless you like franchise names like .....Signs by Lunchtime ! or Signs & Design by "Your momma wears desert boots" !

I also started out small, still am after 27 years !, so keep with it, do your very best & more in today's marketplace, make a living, and help other american folks promote their dream -then they , in time, should help promote your dream.

drop me a line if you need advice from a "wallslopper" ! MarkZ