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Howdy. guys. Well i am college student majoring in construction management. But i have to take a few design courses so i am here just trying to pick up on some tips and what have you (just started taking them this semester). Thoguth about doing this as a hobby. I am also big into bass fishermen. well here is my question. Due to college and what have you i got a old deep v-hull tin boat (i modified it for bass fishing though) well i am wanting to paint it (the inside is good and nice and new but the outside just looks like **** but for a 21year old boat not to bad). But then i thought about wrapping it. It is a 18' boat. But i dont have a clue on the cost. I know what the paint would cost for the most part but i am just wanting to way all my options. I have a design thanks to a guy that makes signs (it is just some swooshes and what not with smokercraft in the middle). I put a pic of my boat on here any one got any clue what a fairly basic wrap would cost? Also how long can you get out of a wrap? btw i am wanting it black with metal kind look on the new design. Also it is a riveted boat. Can you do a riveted boat?


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>>Welcome to a outstanding forum and people.

That's in case you really become interested in graphic design in some manner, since you like bass fishing and construction maybe you will combine in someway like boat wrapping and boat dock design / building who knows
wraps can cost thousands design / print / install ... work for your friend .. as you go through collage learn the trade is your best bet reward yourself for completing some years with the wrap ..

Hope you take a English classes lol


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10-4 man thanks. yea i talk with him everyone in a while he is about 14hrs away from me though lol. And yea my brain is fried, been up all night doing hw. Got on a rool and just could not get myself to stop.