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New guy here. SC-500 advice needed


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New to this forum. been a part time sign guy for many years basically just making signs for my own uses, event biz, window dressing biz, tradeshow biz.... occasionally a car or truck or other biz here and there.
I am going to get deeper into being a full time sign guy.
I currently use a Roland PNC-90 and a PC-60.
I am purchasing a Roland SC-500 this week. I'm getting it used for $6900.00
Good deal?
I know the machine a little (a friend of mine prints stuff for me), it is what I want. I prefer print quality over being able to print on anything. I make a lot of small runs of custom stickers and it is the best machine for that. I always coat my stuff with clear-jet.
I guess I'm looking to hear as much info and experience you guys have had with this machine before I make my final decision to purchase it.
I'm not new to the forum world so I hope to be at least a little active here.


Fred Weiss

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Same deal here. I have no direct experience of the Roland printers.

But I do welcome you to Signs 101.


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Hi Micheal.

If the printer is in good working condition than yes its a good deal. At that price im not sure if it is converted to eco-sol inks. They originaly used proprietary Sol Ink. These inks will be discontinued in september. You will have to switch over to eco-sol.

You will be able to directly switch your inks but will still be limited to using coated vinyls and media. A good investment would be to convert it either with the Roland conversion kit wich includes a thermostat, heating plates and 3 media rolls along with Rolands rip software Color choice 2 or with a new kit available from a 3rd party wich is a bulk ink system and more agressive inks. Other members on this board have more information on those inks.

Its a great printer .. just a little slow compared to newer models. I've had mine for over 3 years now ... And i paid 40 thousand canadian back then .. hehehe