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New Guy In Labrador, Canada


New Member

I am a Small business owner looking to expand. I currently own a computer store and are looking into opening up a sign / print shop. I am going to start off small and see how demand there is for it first. I am looking at a USED Roland PNC-1000 18" Vinyl Cutter. They are asking $597.00 for it. Worth it?

Also, I went out and bought an HP Design Jet 750C. Dececent shape, came with a full roll of paper. Got it for fifty dollars plus a power supply. (A mine owned it here and when it quit, they bought a new one and auctioned off the old one.)

Is the HP 750C any good for anything? I don't think i can print on vinyl with it because of the type of inks it uses. If you have any info on one of these can you let me know.

Also, I would like to get into screen printing. And T-Shirt Transfers.

If you guy could help me out with some info or websites it will be greatly appreciated.