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New Guy in MN.


New Member
Hello everyone.

Been lurking for a day and thought I should make myself known. I really appreciate reading all the info on this forum and wanted to thank all of you seasoned pros who take the time to post here.

I got pulled into Embroidery and Vinyl after creating a webpage on kiteboarding in MN www.mnkiting.com I wanted to be able to make affordable schwag for it and my love of art pulled my wife and I in. Now we can crank out embroidered hats and shirts and make wicked designs and decals for our kiteboards, buggies, and mountain boards. Fun stuff! I took a bunch of art classes in college including a digital media course and am glad to actually be able to put some of the 6 years of college I took to use as my degree is nowhere near creative.. Laboratory Scientist!

Thanks for the great forum.. Love the read.

Aaron Saude


New Member
Thanks for the hellos everyone. Nice to be here. In fact in my weekend sitting in the lab waiting to save lives, I've gone through tons of this forum. Good stuff! When I got into kiteboarding my whole perspective of the world changed. If I saw a flag blowing or leaves rustling I got excited and ran and got my gear.. Now I see vinyl everywhere too! Was it always there before? I guess so!



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Welcome from Michigan, and don't feel strange about doing what you love vs. what you got degreed in. Mine was in Metallurgical Engineering (16 yrs of corporate hacking was enough)