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New Guy


New Member
Very priviledged to be here. I'm an old redneck hand painter. Been in vinyl 5
years and digital 4yrs. We have a Encad 880, edge 1, and Roland sc-500
soon to be converted to a SC-500EX.
Baz has been a big help educating me on the SOLJET and Rick also.

Glad to be here


New Member
We do mostly Road tractors, vans, pickups, cars, banners, posters.
We do more digital than vinyl. I also hand pinstripe vehicles for local
body shops. We're also getting into larger 4x8 etc digital prints and banners.
This area is wide open for digital printing. Feel free to advice me on anything
to help us allout here in pixel land.


New Member
Hiya Raleigh.

Nice to see you here ... You'll find lots of experienced people here each with there own experiences and backgrounds. Its a great place with easygoing folk.

Looking forward to reading your posts ... And add your stuff to the gallery!!

Take care :thumb:


New Member
thanx for clickin
I just pinstripe now or maybe a small name on a truck.
It still nice to get oneshot under your fingernails every now and then.