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New Guy


New Member
Hello everyone,

I've been a member for a few months here, and have yet to make a post.

I'm 22 years old, and a current, yet sometimes dormant graphic design student.

Just thought I'd say hi, and introduce myself a little bit. I've been working with signs for about 3 years now. I started working on a few race cars of a friend of mine, and that got my uncle interested in starting a business.

The business didn't work out, but I got some experience with Gerber software and a Graphtec plotter. Mainly doing racecar graphics for his Grand Am and Rolex racecars.

Since then I've got myself a job as pretty much a vinyl operator, with older Gerber software, so although taking a step back, I'm still getting experience with vinyl. I use a Gerber Sprint III right now, with Graphix Advantage 6.2 software.

I just posted a logo design in the logo forum, if anyone would look at it and give me some advice, I would appreciate it greatly.



Just Me
OOPS - jumped in on your logo post without stopping here first to say hi and welcome you to the boards!