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Ok, I guess my post in the for sale section didn't go over very well because I wasn't a regular poster and didn't introduce myself. I'm taking Fred's advice and posting here as well as back in the "for sale" section to help ease any tension...

My name is Dennis and I joined a few weeks ago after lurking for quite a while. Signs are not my business, but I'm not a stranger to the general processes involved. I do appologize for the fact of not doing this "intro" thing right away, but I have some reasons. I'm not really key on this whole "this is me, and this is what I do" thing right now. My employeer just filed for bankruptcy last month and owes me several grand in paychecks. All in all, it's not giving me a great sense of "look at me everybody", but I'll try to do the best I can.

I was an Environmental Scientist up until recently, but also never feared to get into other things out of interest or for fun. My screen name, Adsorp-Tech, is the name of a little side company I have that is primarily involved in the treatment of hazardous groundwater with carbon filtration (Adsorption Technology). I've been involved in design and graphics through schooling and with stuff I do on the side. It is not my business nor a "get rich quick scheme". I've done graphics (mostly auto,..) for the company I worked for, and also for the products I produce for my little company. I enjoy it. I also sell some stuff I do, but try to make it a little more unique than the mass-produced stuff you see listed on Ebay. I do sponsorship decals for Moto-X and Sno-X racers (myself included), but really don't turn a profit from it. It's pretty much just for fun.

I'll probably be able to offer more help in the "pc problems" area of things than with in depth graphics problems. I built workstations for my past employeer and did their network administration also. I regularly use Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and VMPro, so I might be able to help there too. I also do metal lathe work as a hobby, and would be happy to help anybody that hits a brick wall with some old parts and needs some fabrication to get by...

This seems like a nice place.