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New HP 54" cutter not working correctly. Need some help desperately.


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This is a repost of a post I made in my Introduction thread. I was worried it might not have been answered because of where it was posted.

I recived the 115 Print and Cut products in December and everything went together perfectly. I was printing the next day. However I noticed that when I went to scan the barcode in the cutter it would ocasionally read the barcode. I found help here when P Wagner messaged me about a new firmware update for the cutter to carry it to 9985.034 and it did fix the barcode reading issue.

Model: HP_LATEX_54B
Firmware: 9985.034

Now the problem is that it will scan the barcode and display the correct number for the file it needs. And I can send the file to the cutter and it will ocasionally start to look at the blocks and move up one or two and then it will stop and beep. I have verified the HP cutter software is working properly. This is becuase I can send the job to the cutter and it will wake up and ask me to move the head to above the first mark. I have also verified that it has access to the correct PLT files. I know this becuase I can see the files sitting in the correct directory and Like I mentioned earlier, I can send the files to the cutter and the cutter will ask me to aligh the head above the first block. I move the head to the right bottom block (AND I HAVE EVEN TRIED THE BLOCK ABOVE THE BOTTOM LINE BLOCK). Then I can tap the play button and it will find the first block and move up to the next block above and on and on TILL IT GETS TO THE NEXT TO THE LAST BLOCK on the right side. Then it will beep and move to the left and find that block and then IT WILL MOVE THE MATERIAL ON OUT OF THE CUTTER..... And the cutter will sit there running like it was looking for the next mark.

So I have tried it both ways. I have let the cutter read the barcode and fetch the file from the barcode cutter server program. AND I have sent the job directly to the cutter and aligned the head over the block on the right and I have even started it on the second block up on the right.

The strange thing is I can ocasionally print a job and carry to to the cutter and read the barcode and then send the job to the cutter that its looking for and it MAY scan each block and then start cutting . Or it may do what I explained above.

I am running the latest version of Flexi for HP latex and I have the latest firmware in the printer and the cutter. I have a dedicated HP Windows 7 Pro workstation that does nothing but act as the barcode server and runs flexi. I design on another computer in flexi designer. They are all conencted via a HP Procurve switch and have Cat 6 factory cables.

I really need some help with this. I have already had to refund a customer for a job that I couldnt cut. And I am having to make excuses now to other.