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new internal error Roland XR640


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just received the error 1800834 on a roland xr-640 (while sending a small print job). This one is new to me. . .anybody else seen it? I've just rebooted and it's gone now, but I've been having issues with print-cut offset for quite some time, and I'm wondering if the two are connected. . Thanks in advance!
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DIY Printer Fixing Guide
Internal errors are errors that happen due to a mix of hardware and software glitches that aren't particular to a certain printer function or part. In other words, they can happen randomly due to natural computer processing errors and not be a big deal or they can be a sign that either the firmware file is corrupt or some electronic component may be malfunctioning/failing. If it only happened once, I would chalk it up to a simple glitch. If it starts to pop up regularly, upgrade the firmware to the latest version and if that doesn't work, one or more electronic boards may be failing.