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New Key


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My company is thinking about upgrading to Flexi 7.5 for Mac but my designer has all kinds of problems with his current key and the imate usb adapter. His key constantly goes out on him which makes Flexi crash. So we wanted to know if they new key's are USB and we won't have to use the adapter?




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When I Upgraded To 7.02 I Also Upgraded To A USB Key.

The Price Then To Upgrade To The USB Key Was $100.00.



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Upgrading to 7.5v5 Mac

If you currently have a version 5.x key, you can upgrade to a new usb key while keeping the 5.8 key if you ask the right person. If you have 6.x, you will be required to return the serial key after receiving a new USB key. The good news, you don't have to pay for the key exchange.

From what I have seen so far, 7.5v5 Flexi for Mac OS/X is very stable.

FYI, normal cost for a key exchange (from serial to usb) is $50 plus shipping two ways.

Good Luck


Bobby Fosson