New Laminator, decisions, decisions?


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We presently use a "Seal 62 Ultra Plus" for all things in digital large format including vehicle wraps. We are looking to upgrade. No bells & whistles. Dependability, a quality finished product, ease of maintenance, and longevity are all important.
Currently we are looking at "Seal 62 Pro D", "Royal Sovereign RSH-1651", and a "JetMounter JM63"
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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we just went from the same seal ultra 62, and purchased a GFP 463TH

it is made by graphic finishing products, i think it works great, very solid machine, does have a heated top roller and the price kills anything coming from seal, got ours from advantage sign supply, based off their recommendation and we love the machine and are happy with it


Thanks Mark!

the Gfp is a great laminator but doesn't compare at all with the Seal 62 Pro D- thats a high production dual thermal laminator. apples and oranges to the other ones you are looking at.
Both of those are superior to the Royal Soveriegn- not familiar with the Jetmounter one at all....

Do you just need a cold laminator? If you are not doing thermal-

#1 is the Seal 62 Pro C, but for half the price you can get the Gfp and be happy as can be!