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New Member - Just introducing myself


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My name is Jeff, I started my Business Sites&Signs less than a year ago and things are really going well. I still have a lot to learn but am having lots of fun in the process. I have a website design background of about 6 years and have just started getting into the sign thing within the last year. I love it. I have been using just a regular vinyl cutter but have now just picked up the Roland VersaCamm 30". I haven't even got to use it yet. Just got delivered today! I figured I will be needing some pointers with that so thats I have been cruising this site, its the best one I have seen, for sure.




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Welcome to signs101.com from Amarillo, TX. There is also a member here who runs printdigital.net give them a try for info as well.


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:Welcome: I have a Sp300V and I have just about finished my first year with it. I love it. Wish I would have spent the extra few grand on the 54" for the banner printing side of it but just couldn't see the need at the time. Boy was I stupid. Anyway welcome and hope you enjoy the site.



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cool, thanks guys


You know I have a feeling I will be in the same boat. I was orginally going to get the 54" but I really just don't have the room for it at my current shop. So i went with the 30. we'll see.... I need a bigger shop!