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Hi Sign Guys & Gals...
I'm Ed Minahan, from Johnstown, PA
Been in this racket since we used to actually make signs with a brush. I had the priviledge of learning the trade from some very talented people including my father, he was a great sign painter , artist, layout man, he would have loved the letterheads
I have been in the trade since I was a kid, I'm also a tubebender and spent a lot of my time doing that, I was bending during the
slow period of the 60's and 70's I'm now semi retired and our shop
is still doing very well, we Fabricate all types of signs from routed and push thru to neon channel letters and pylon signs.
I found this forum today and will be visiting often...
Thanks for the welcome and best of everything to everyone...
Ed Minahan
Minahan Sign Corp
636 Tire Hill Road
Johnstown, PA


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new sign guy

Welcome ... I too have been dooing this since it was with brushes and paint. It all has changed alot but still fun at times.Welcome again.