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New neighbors are high end residential. Best marketing angle?


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Our shop is just south of downtown Dallas. The neighborhood is becoming gentrified, with $400,000 townhomes just outside our front door Also high end rentals are going up nearby.

Obviously the folks buying and leasing nearby have money and likely are decision makers or owners wherever they work.

So, they're residential but I think we should make them aware we're here and are useful to their businesses/places of employment. Also, we're getting small restaurants opening up to serve these comfortable new residents, so they might need signs/menus/advertising/other print work.

A light rail station is also just next door so lots of eyes pass our building daily, and we don't provide any message for them. I always say that building signage is the salesperson who never sleeps and doesn't requite a commission.

What are the suggested marketing tactics for a "Hi! Welcome and we'd like to be your printer/sign co/and-all- our-other-services-too provider" message to the new neighbors and businesses? I've though about EDDM. I've also considered that we need to up our OWN signage game on our building, banners on our parking lot fences, even our brand new sidewalks with floor graphics.


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do a mailer for your area.
if you are wanting the higher end, showcase this type of work.

also, wrap your vehicle


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I think you've answered your own question.... I think mailers, cold calls, or even going directly to them may be nice if you really want their business. and of course, upping your own signage game. They may not even know how to use your services unless you point out what you can do and offer


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I say get a property management company/developer client and crank out the 100-300k worth of signs in the buildings they live in... less to mail out, less people to impress...