New Shirt vendor maybe ?


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This is funny :ROFLMAO:
Should I call them ?


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That's a smokin deal if you can get the 3X with the print for that cost. I'll sub everything to that guy.


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especially if they lie.

anyone want banner printed for 10 cents a foot?*

*(plus printing fee of $10 per foot)


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Yards signs do
Those were on the corner at at exit ramp light, there were 6 signs at that intersection .All the same .
It cost him 20 shirts to put those signs out.
And to top it off, it is a pretty industrial area of town.

Pat Whatley

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There's a local guy here who does shirts like that. Cheapest shirts he can get, one color simple printing on one side, $5 per shirt with a 12 shirt minimum.

Quick and dirty printing, does it on his back patio, doing 5-10 orders per week.