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New Thread for Gerber Owners

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Hi visitors.

I've been a Gerber owner since 1983 and have used Graphix Advantage - now Omega since it's introduction in 1991. I currently have two workstations using Omega and a Gerber Edge cranking out all sorts of neat stuff.

Let's talk and let's show and tell.


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Fred, We out source all digital print media to either edge print or Arizona. For vehicle graphics which is better to use? For example I just did some company logos in 3 color on white with the Arizona and sprayed them with Frog Juice Clear. The size was 13" x 20" so we thought it would look better in one piece with the Arizona. As far as durability, quality of print, etc. which is better given the logos would be on this vehicle for maybe 3 years max? For banners and trade show stuff its obvious I just need to know when to use edge.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The Edge does 2 things better than most other printers:

1. It uses spot colors as well as CMYK. So it shines in all those situations where you would do overlays. Like outlined or shadowed text for example.

2. It will cut what it prints which customers really like, be it a hardhat decal or a multicolor logo on their vehicle.

We get 24 to 30 months life on unprotected vehicle graphics and offer both a UV/Abrasion clear overprint or lamination before cutting where called for.


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I have an Edge 1 using Graphix Advantage software, and an Envision 375 plotter.
I inherited this machine when we purchased the shop. I was not shown how to run this, so I had to learn on my own.

I use it, but not as much as I should to make it pay for itself. Mostly because I have to learn more about what I can do with it.

Since we are moving our shop, I thought about using some Gerber vision to put on our windows to show off what it can do.

I have 2 windows about 10 inches wide and approximately 6 feet tall. I thought it would be cool to create a scenic picture, like a waterfall or something. I could use the Gerber Vision and not have to worry about paneling pieces together.

My question is this: When I'm designing the picture, do I make it the size I'm going to use? I would think if I did that, It would take up a lot of MB. But I'm also afraid of making it smaller, then when I size it to print, it might come out all pixelated.

I see so many large vehicle graphics made with the Gerber, and am curious how they make the images so crisps. I mean the realistic pictures, not clipart. I know you can resize clipart and not lose any quality, but the photo type images is my question.


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curious as to cost

I don't have an Edge or a Roland or an Arizona, but thinking along those lines.

What is the cost per square foot or square inch on using an Edge for full color stuff ? Not including the substrate you're printing & cutting on. For instance, what was your actual cost in materials on those nice looking magnets ?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
If you've seen photographic work that looks good then it had a good quality file to start with. We typically shoot for a resolution of 100 dpi at full size.

If it's less it will still look pretty good, just not at hand held distance.

Adobe Photoshop is a must for the serious Edge user.

I don't much care for the Vision film. First off, it prints much lighter than one expects because the edges of the holes never get touched at being white make the finished print look much lighter. Also not happy with the exterior rating of only one year. I put a Vision Edge print on my back windshield and it was faded out in about ten months.

Material pricing for foils varies. We use a lot of Duracoat along with Gerber. The Duracoat averages in at about 33¢ per color per foot. The Gerber averages in at 60¢. For mags we use Oracal 651 and overprint with Duracoat UV/Abrasion Guard. So 4 colors (CMYK) + UV + vinyl = $1.93 per foot. The mag sheet = $1.15 a foot.

The Ted's Painting signs were 11.75" x 18" so all told 4 of them cost me $3.08 per foot or $18.48 plus waste. Call it $22.

Bob Gilliland

New Member
The Edge does 2 things better than most other printers:

I’d like to add to Fred’s remarks above that the Edge also shines in the ability to print a prime or underbase area, and that this area is not limited to just White. Furthermore, it also allows for double sided printing, either of the same or different images.

In addition to the abundant spot colors available, there are also “specialty” foils such as fluorescents, “mirror like” metals, and metallic to name a few with new additions coming not only from the OEM, but third party interests as well.

Bob Rochon

Seasoned Sign Freak
HI my name is Bob and I'm an edge-a-holic,

I'm just happy I found this site and can get help for my addiction.

sign chick

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I have an Edge, a Gerber GSX15Plus plotter, and run Graphix Advantage. Gerber should give me some kind of kickback. I've used only Gerber stuff in every shop I've ever worked for, starting with a 4b many years ago. Then got "high-tech" when the SuperSprint came out! Woo! (note the sarcasm)

The Duracoat works pretty well, and the ZeroNine's are pretty good, too. And inexpensive. And they have a wider selection of colors, if I'm not mistaken.