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New to this printing stuff


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Happy Saturday Guys,

So I’ve been doing die cut vinyl for the past 6 years with flex sign pro and recently I took on a position at a sign shop where I would be running a Mimaki Jv400LX-lx // Ricoh Pro l4160 latex printer, a laminator and a Uscutter titan 68” ..
My question is, the shop computer is running “vinylmaster” for the cutter and “Ricoh RIP Software” but I can’t figure out how to place my print file into the “hot file” or “job list” of the rip software. I did however get the printer to print a file but it was already in the job list by the previous employee who is long gone. My goal is to figure out how to print a file, laminate it and then cut it. I have been reading the owners manuals. I just haven’t had much luck and I’m not sure if it’s because of something I did or a ton of settings being changed before I took on this position. I have a ton of wrapping experience from wrapping machines to full on printed trailers but I just never had a chance to learn printing. Any and every bit of advice is greatly appreciated
Thank you
I still can’t get it to work. It won’t let me upload / open any files into the job list. Won’t even print the files that are already in the job list. Won’t rip either
I just bought a Rico L-4160 and cant print and cut, we been trying to use flexisign but we couldnt, we also tried to connect using network but dont get any IP address, if can help about it, appreciate Thanks so much