New windows


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Grabbed from another thread;
Fred said" No idea what plate glass is like in your area, but around here we get a fair share that doesn't like adhesives and acts like silicone release paper. Nothing really works well to improve it including cleaning, scrubbing and wiping with a variety of solvents that are sure to shorten your life. With glass like this, the best solution is to apply dry because your initial adhesion is marginal anyway ... although it does improve over time."

I had to do an install on a new shop window and after cleaning the window thoroughly, I tried to place the graphic on the window but the masking tape wouldn't stick. I tried different tapes and even some scrap vinyl, nothing would stick. So, I re-cleaned the window again and made no real difference.
What are they coating the glass with now and has anyone found what will remove it.
Cheers Gary