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new with a question.


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Hey Folks, I'm new to the sign / decal biz and am in desperate need of help. I have designed a logo for myself and I like it, my wife loves it (bonus) but I can't get it cut ready. I want it so that the chrome visible from the letters is the same layer as the background chrome with the grey outline applied over top. I know if I could find help anywhere, this would be the place.
:thankyou: Kevin Schultz
Alberta, Canada

P.S. How would I go about sending an attachment large enough and detailed enough for people to have a good enough look at it?

Fred Weiss

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Make it into an RGB JPG file measuring less than 800 x 800 pixels and then while replying, scroll down to the blue area under the reply box. There you will find a button named Manage Attachments.

Just click it and browse to your saved file and upload it. Then add any information in the reply box and submit the reply.


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Here goes, notice also a subtle grey & black outline around the lettering, (black is really only noticable on the outside edges of the s & z.


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You could do somthing like this for the chrome look, Print & cut


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If you can print and cut and have the right software you can import the image in to your signmaking software. It will be a bitmap. Select with the magic wand tool on the white area just outside of your image. Then invert the selection, shift, control, & I on the keyboard for a PC. Then go under your bitmap menu and select "convert marquee to shape". This will give you a vector image of a solid color that you choose that is the same contour as your logo. Put a cut path around it and order it to the back. Now you can select both the imported image and the marquee you created and print and cut it out. We do this a lot with Adobe Photoshop and Flexi-Pro.

Good Luck, and also we think your logo rocks Glenn & Pearl American SignCrafters


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I'm not really looking to get my own logo printed. Being that all I have currently is a cutter, I'd like to build it myself. Although, It looks like it was quite similar to a logo for a different company so I might be revising mine.