Newb question : Vinyl type and color ?


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Hello folks.

I know it maybe and old question but as im checking beacongraphic, theres many type of vinyls
- Premium
- Calendered
- Metallic
- Reflective
- Translucent
( and i remember seeing "1 way vision" somewhere else.)
Among those, i already know about Premium and Calendered, so what are those other types?

What color should i get if my business is pure color printing on flat surface (devices skinning bus/xbox/laptop..). I dont know why but it seems like White is more popular than transparent right? Isnt transparent a good choice so i can still skin those devices without hiding the device logo ?

Besides, the only distributor i can find in this country is 3M, and they recommended me using
Scotchcal Series 7125
Cast Vinyl Films 2 mil - 7 year

or Scotchcal Series 7725 (on a clear liner)
Cast Vinyl Films 2 mil - 8 year

( i dont know a clue about clear liner :( )
Are those products good for
what about same products from Avery/Oracal , can anyone guide me out ?


ps :anyone knows any Avery/3m/Oracal distributors that ship to Vietnam - AsiaPafic? Up till now, the only site i know is pacificcoastsignsupplyhttp://www.pacificcoastsignsupply/http://www.pacificcoastsignsupply/ from Master Flame.

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Most all 3M products are excellent and durable. I have used the 7725 before and it is a good product, but so is the 7125. I personally have never had any problems with 3M.