newbee help on outlining


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when i print somthing then i want a outline i click on it it turns red and i go to affects i click ouline and it oulines it in red and i click plot but it cuts it the same size

Fred Weiss

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Red is the default selection color in Flexi or LXI. When you outline it would end up being red either because it is selected or because that is the last color used in the outlining color palette. You should select the color you want the outline to be before you create it for smoothest results.

When you create the outline, click the green check mark in Design Central to complete the creation of the outline. It should then cut but you must be outputting the outline color or it will either be ignored or held for a latr cut.

You use the term print ... are you printing or cutting? Plot is a term that applies to cutting vinyl. It's hard to offer advice when you do not list you hardware and software in your profile.