newbie color matching


I want to start by saying I am by no means any kind of designer in the slightest. I am a technician. I have been working on Rolands for about 15 months now and I am pretty comfortable with the hardware side of the printers.

That being said I would like to learn the basics of getting the color you want to print to actually print. My goal is not to become a designer but to better be able to identify and troubleshoot issues that may arise that are not printer related.

I know that this is a very complex issue that can take a long time to master so let me ask a more specific question. We have a paricular job that is not printing the color we want it to. I tried on 2 different printers to ensure it wasn't a machine issue. So now I printed out a Roland color system library for the banner material we are running and found the color I want to print. My question is how do I take the numbers from the color chart and convert that into the correct color in AI?