Newbie in need of laminator info


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HI Everyone,

Hopefully I'm doing this in the right place.

I'm relatively new to the sign & graphix business. Up to this point I have been outsourcing my printing and now I'm getting ready to order my own equipment. I use Illustrator CS3 for my design & have mostly been doing vinyl lettering/heat transfers for several months now. I'm getting ready to place an order for a Roland VP540 (I currently have a 24" Laserpoint vinyl cutter from USCutter). I think I'm also going to get a Roland GX-24 to use when I'm doing jersey lettering, etc. at the track or events and try to sell the US Cutter. It was a great starting machine for the money I paid for it but I think I'm ready for something more.

I'm not sure what route to go for the laminator. I was at least a 55" so I can laminate anything I can print myself. Since I'm not a really high-volume producer right now I'm leaning toward the Daige Quikmount 4 as opposed to the Seal & Royal Sovereign brands. Maybe there are other brands I should look into?

I could really use some input from those with more experience. I do motorcycle graphics which use a 12 mil laminate. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly approciated.