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Need Help Newbie Learning>Panel size or removal>2.0 Composer>gsplot


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New at learning > using 2.0 composer and can not remove a cut line in gsplot for a stripe design.
Pen plotting first to make sure ok > then plotting vinyl
the design is 21.486 Height and 93.567 in length
open design in composer gsplot/quick plot and the design is showing 2 panels
1) 11.8 and 2) is 9.684
I am pen plotting on 750 plus plotter (30 in) and want to remove panel 2 so i can plot design the 21.486 in height so the design is not in 2 panels. with the 2 panels it will make the plot very long 180in
tried taking #2 cut line off work area but does not work and can not change anything in layout or panel size
I want to plot design so its on 1 panel and using most of the width of paper/vinyl

thanks for any input


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Do you have the right machine chosen? It sounds like you have a 15 inch plotter as the device

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Hopefully I can shed some light on this for you.

First off, since you said one panel is 11.8 it sounds like you don't have the file setup as a 'cut only' path.
It's sounds like you have it setup as a 'print to cut'

If the path in composer is green, then it's a 'print to cut'
If the path in composer is red, then it's a 'print only'
If the path in composer is black, then it's a 'cut only'

You'll need to make the path black before sending it the gsplot.
To do this, you'll need to turn off the fill and turn off the stroke (if there is any) SEE 3.jpg

Then, as Jburns said, I don't think you have the right machine installed, it sounds like you are trying to plot it with a 15" plotter.
But, and before moving on, if you setup the path as a 'cut only' that may solve the problem.
Even if you have the correct machine selected, it will always show as 11.8" as the max cut, IF, you have the path as green,
which means your are trying to print the color on an EDGE machine and then cut those panels...

If you don't have your machine installed, here's the rough procedure.

You'll need to open up the gsptray; located in programs>'whatever your gerber folder is called'>gsptray.exe
Once that loads, look down in your tray, right click the gsptray icon and click on 'install plotter / router'
Then find your plotter.
Now I found an HS750 plus and a gS750 plus, not sure which you have....
Pick which com port you are using, or usb.

SEE 1.jpg

Once that's installed, then you need to click on the plotter icon in gsplot and switch over to that plotter and you should be good.

SEE 2.jpg

3.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg


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this was set up for me . no 15 " plotter installed only 750 i will look through this set up as you have mentioned and get back with you thanks


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new issue> vinyl being cut on 750 plus> try cutting test plot Pentagon and cuts deep enough to weed easy and travels extra 2 inch at bottom of Pentagon (at end) and then I tried cutting a design and knife cuts lines from one area to another in travel to a destination ruining design> tried cutting with swivel and tang knife and settings and still get cut lines in between knife travels and tried adj tension> and not cutting deep enough to weed correctly> any ideas what Im doing wrong? thanks cutting on oracal 651 vinyl


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Sounds like you have to adjust the Z Axis for tool height. See attached instructions - but you need to go to gspinc.com and make an account, and downloading the user manual.
Also since you are running a swivel blade keep the machine in that mode.


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