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Newbie mistake?


New Member
I'm new to this stuff and recently purchased a Roland cx-24 and a copy of VMP. I've been using cheap-O vinyl to practice setting up the cut file and the plotter. I've been having trouble with the object being sort of cut off. Say I'm cutting out SIGN with a standard font with 3" letters, the first half of S will not be cut. I'm setting the cut file page size to say 10" by 10" and using vinyl that is 12" by 12".

I've also tried using the roll of vinyl on the included roller but find that it wastes about a foot of vinyl before starting to cut.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



New Member
Are you setting your point of origin on the plotter before you send the cut file to it?


New Member
You load your material ... push Setup so it scans the width of your material then you back it up to where you want your knife to start ... once you are stoped to where you want your cut to start from ...

You push "Origin Set" on the plotter ... Then from the pc you can send the job.

P.S.: Dont forget to test your knife weight before you cut.