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Is there a "bold" version of Monotype Corsiva? What I am working on I don't need it bigger just bolder.

(Remember I am new so if there is a trick I don't know be kind.)


Fred Weiss

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Monotype Corsiva was Monotype's answer to the very popular Zapf Chancery font family. Corsiva comes in just one weight while Zapf Chancery comes in several along with italic versions.

You don't list your software in your profile, but, if you have CorelDRAW, there are several of the Zapf Chancery fonts included free with that application.

There is a technique to embolden a letter style which is to outline it a very small amount, usually with sharp corners selected. It is easily overdone. You then delete the original vectors leaving yourself a non-text outline that is bolder. This is not a technique to make a regular practice out of doing ... more of a last resort. It is a corruption of an otherwise good design by the typeface creator.


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EEK!!! That sounds over my head right now. Though I am learnign new things everyday thanks to everyone here!! I will go get that Zapf Chauncery!

I use Adobe Illustrator CS2.