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Newbie to both signs 101 and the sign industry !


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Hi there everyone I am glad that I saw a link to this site on signindustry.com... Not that anyone is really interested but here we go...

My name is Jeff and I aquired an old 500mhz pc with signmate 5.0 (I think) along with a Roland CAMM-1 CM-24, afew rolls of vinyl two instruction manuals and my friend saying "If ya do anygood with this stuff we'll talk about how much you owe me" anyway that was the middle of March. on April 1st 2004 (what a joke) I got my business license and have two regulars now that get misc. decals and signage on regular basis and a few others here and there and possibly going to be getting even more pretty soon..

Oh yeah and for full time work I sell Ford-Sterling parts at a local stealership.

Now that my little intro is out of the way ya'll will understand why I may say/ask goofy things !!


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Hi JH Signs, don't worry about questions you think may not be appropriate, if you have a question, there's a good chance your question and answers will help others who also wondered the same thing.



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as an EX PARTS-MAN, did 15 yrs at NAPA. i tried a couple stealerships........and after getting fired in 86 by a 21 yr old dumba** who told me i was incompetant.....that was it for me. WELCOME!!!!!! do you have C5AF-27354 ????? hehehehe


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Thanks for the welcome everyone :) I have a bad habit of calling dealerships stealerships. guess I have been hanging out on Delphi forums 650 vstar site for way too long. that is the politically correct name for a dealership on there! :)

OP... too many numbers in the basic for that number! :)

Have a nice day :)