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Newbie to vinyl


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Hello. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris. I have a small auto performance parts business, www.candbmotorsports.com. I have ran into several customers looking for "stickers" for their race cars and street cars. I have had requests for everything from flames on street cars to color matching contingency stickers for racers. I first off want to say thanks for having a great website. I have been lurking for a few weeks reading up on the vinyl business and the products. Since the company is new and therefore still tight on money, we bought a Master 24" cutter from Desay. Thankfully we are just an hour away from Gregory for our vinyl. I have gotten the cutter up and running and have done some small letter jobs for the doors of the shop etc.. I have been using the EasySign software that came with the cutter. Its lacking to say the least. I have Illustrator CS on my computer. Does anybody know if I can cut directly out of it, or if there is a bridge program out there that will work with the Master cutter?

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We use a Master's 24 w/EasySign and Illustrator. The easiest way to use Easysign with Illustrator is to save your file as an Illustrator 7 format and import it into Easysign. Make sure that you convert all the fonts to curves first (they won't import otherwise) and that you outline the strokes - it won't pick them up.
Remember that any line you see in keyline mode in Illustrator will cut when imported into easysign so you have to be real careful with overlaying objects that you use the merge and trim commands to eliminate unnecessary lines.


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You could easily design etc in Illustrator and buy a bridge program such as CoCut to cut from within illustrator and by pass EasySign altogether.


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i got a master 30" machine so if you have any questions just shout out.:thumb:

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