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Newbie with an SX-15


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We are a design company that has just gotten a Roland SX-15. Machine worked fine for the gal we bought it from, but we have yet to get anything usable out of it...
I understand a learning curve - but can anyone give me an idea how to tell if the problems are the machine or "operator error" Anything we try to cut does not line up. Tried it hooked up to 2 different computers. To do a name for shirts, the lettering goes uphill. Vinyl is loaded absolutely straight, with a guide to keep it feeding straight. Watching the vinyl feed we can visually see that it's straight. It looks like the program is telling it to cut that way - but if I print to an inkjet the page is fine... We are printing out of Illustrator 9 on a Dell with Windows XP Pro. We've replace the blade protector - waiting on new blades.
I just need some guidance, if anyone has any experience, on how to determine if we have a machine problem or a computer/driver problem. I am a COMPLETE novice when it comes to cutting vinyl, but husband had some previous experience with bigger machines that aren't helping him now!
Thanks to anyone who may be able to help.


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it sounds like it is a driver or a software issue , did the seller include a copy of dr stika plus ? Illustrator 9 might be senting it the wrong signals


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You can get a fresh copy of dr.stika from http://www.ssksupport.com/Rol-SX.asp I didnt think to ask you what software you were running, I know nothing about AI!!
Try using Dr. Stika and see if that makes any difference.. if not.. let us know the results and with all the smart people here they should be able to help you get up and cutting like they did me!

Ps.. she bought it from me and it was in use until it was sold, when I posted about the sx-15, it was the same cutter she has now. I thought maybe you all might have different ideas of whats wrong.

Again..welcome to the group!!!


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Thanks Trixie, Michael...

Cuts the same from Dr. Stika or Illustrator or Corel. - We've been using the the software (Sticka and CutCHoice) from the CD sent with the machine - but I will get the update from site mentioned. Jeff did some test cuts from Roland ChoiceCut - 2 cut fine - third one jumped around like we see from Illustrator or Sticka... and cutting out words is impossible. Will let y'all know when we try the new software - we're considering bringing in a clean computer, loading software and seeing if it will print from that