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Newer Dodge Ram Clipart

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Sticker Dude

New Member
Anyone know if there is someone that has this clipart or can vector something for me My uncle has the 2004 Dodge Ram Quad cab truck and wants a stick made any help really is really apprecited PLEASE! I live with him :biggrin:
:thankyou: :signs101:

Sticker Dude

New Member
no ass i know all that
I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that has that truck in it cartton style that i can buy and yes i have flexi but im not no damn artist dont know how to do the tracing and stuff i just cut decals for my car dealership


New Member
You could try the toonfactory (toonfactory.com?). If not there, then I dunno. Never really had anybody ask for a cartoon of a newer vehicle before so I have never researched it.

Oh, and UN, chill bro'. I warned you about posting about buying illegal copyrighted work. Now a bunch of people are going to be all over your back for it, no matter what you post. That's one of the #1 ways to offend folks on here. I can only get on you so much because I made the mistake when I first got into the biz and bought a bunch of stuff off of ebay. Didn't know better.

Not trying to harp on you, just thought I would remind you that there are going to be some bitter folks on here cuz of a few earlier posts you made. Don't be surprised if it doesn't stop here.

mark in tx

New Member
no ass i know all that

Is this another thread where you are trying to make friends?

Take the magazine picture you have, scan it, autotrace it in flexi.
Then cut.
Now that you have a giant mess, you have to figure out how to use flexi to clean up the artwork so you can cut it properly.

Sure, you can go and get a bunch of CDs with cut ready art from ebay, or from the vendors here and cut that stuff all day long. But you still won't know shit about anything. What happens when someone wants something different?
Are you going to give them a stupid look and tell them you can't do it?

Why don't you change your name to "Decals from the Book".

I'll tell you what, you can save yourself and everybody else here the trouble of your snotty attitude, stupid questions and ungrateful replys.

Take your minimal skill having, not wanting to improve attitude, go set up at a flea market and cut Calvin peeing stickers and NASCAR numbers all friggin day long for 5 bucks a pop until someone who is really in the business gets you shut down for copyright infringement


Spend hours after work time reading that Flexi manual in front of the computer, learning everything in there, then spend time on the internet researching everything you can find about sign making, vinyl cutting, your equipment and try and learn from it. Then learn everything you can about Adobe Illustrator, or Corel, and you could do that Ram head in 10 minutes on your own.

In less than a year, I have learned as much from this board as all the research I have done on my own time and from an employee of mine with 10 years experience in the sign business. I think this board has made a tremendous difference in my success and the advice from the people here is invaluable, given freely, because they want to help.


New Member
You know Mark, I think I like your attitude. You have a good point about learning to do all your own work. I know I've spent countless hours late at night just reading books, playing with programs and trying to figure out the perfect way to lay down vinyl. It really does pay off in the end.

Sticker Dude

New Member
ok thats you guys I have another FULL time job owning and operating a small 35-40 car dealership making these decals for my customers if they want then when I sell them a car if it makes them come back or bring friends I dont care "I dont sell it to them" plus I make my own "2003" "2004" "2005" "Finance me" Buy me" stickers like that That is all I wanted to do with this so dont rag on me because you spend hours on on tracing and whateva and all i did was ask if someone knew where I could buy a clipart I know " thetoonfactory.com " has exactally what I wanted so come monday I will be buying his CD thanks for making me feel stupid cuz I dont know how to vector trace I NOT trying to be a sign guy whateva you guys call yourselves


New Member
You call some one an ASS and you have the balls to think some one might be willing to help you? What the hell are you thinking? I am so sick of seeing your off the wall smart ass slams at people on this board and damn near every post shit just flows and I think you need to get your head out of your ASS and figure out one hand washes the other here.
Hell I cant trace that well either but if I ever asked for help on here and then called someone a stupid immature childish name I damn sure wouldnt expect any help.

I have got to the point I dont even want to open threads because theres probally a bunch of bullshit childish name calling and bickering going on.

Poke fun at my spelling errors, and my ASS and not A$$
if thats what makes you feel better then by all means:
Flame away:Sleeping: I could care less.
DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND, because we are not siding with UniqueDecals, BUT "ass" and many other words are used in everyday casual conversation - IN THEIR AGE GROUP. We highly doubt there was any intentional offense intended - although, he and many others, need to learn to adjust their "language skills" when dealing with others - or they will assure failure.

Today, the word "bud" is common, and so is "dude" (as it has made a comeback). The olders guys may remember this, but, those words were also viewed as offensive (once upon a time).

It is fine and cool to use a certain language in person, with people you know BUT it is VERY wrong to use alternate language in print or on a board with many different people - as it should be obvious.

A word of advice to the younger crowd: How you write/spell/speak shows quite a bit about character, knowledge and respect, to strangers. Use caution when talking with anybody other than your bestes buddies.


New Member
Yo TC. Careful when using "Flame" on here when I'm on a thread. I tend to think you're talking about me!:wink:


New Member
pro thats like the guys nowdays calling their girlfriends b**ches In my day it would have got me slapped so hard I woulda been in last week. OH
& Flame :0 we are always talking about you LOL.
Exactly! To make it worse - these same girls refer to themselves that way too AND they dig it! Go figure. We would have gotten slapped looong before we could finish the words - or possibly even had a chair or two busted over our heads.

Generations do not always see eye to eye BUT the younger generations of the past would at least try and avoid the misconceptions - which does not happen all that often today.

Many years ago, a person did not need an education to be a mechanic. 10 years ago I started telling people that they needed to read to be a mechanic. With the competive nature of signs, and the daily fight to command the realistic pricing, writing/spelling/speaking is more important than ever.

Here is another fact. We/I Ebay a lot. If I see a listing with lousy grammar, or modern slang - I SKIP IT!!

The simple things we take for granted are the things that cost is the most. This applies to every aspect of life and business.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
This kind of thread is getting very, very old. I'm enjoying this board less and less as I'm sure many here are.

There's a saying: Courtesy is contagious. So is a lack of it.

I'm not here to play babysitter. I'm here to share, learn and have fun. This forum has, for the most part, been a pleasure to manage and has required very little heavy-handedness to keep things pleasant. Lately that has not been the case.

So here's notice to one and all: Disrespect, condescending posts, posts lacking in courtesy, bad language, disruptive attitudes from old and new, flaming etc. will cost you your right to participate here.

Thread closed.
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