Need Help No ink with nozzle check


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I have a Mutoh 1324 VJ. I had a technician from Signs Plus Banners put a new head, new dampers and a new maintenance station on my printer on Thursday. I used the printer Thursday night, and Friday. It is Saturday at 2pm and it wont even print a nozzle check! I'm beside myself with this thing. It should be a brand new printer. PLEASE HELP I have done a short clean, then a long clean and still nothing.


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Are you saying there are absolutely no nozzles printing or just not all of them are printing. Does the print carriage move across the page like it's printing something and there is nothing on the page or does it not even attempt to print it? If absolutely nothing is printing but it does all the motions of printing then maybe the ribbon cables to the head are not connected properly.


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Yup sounds like a blown head fuse. As a tech I would have no problem coming back to take a look for free. Should be as easy as resetting the cables and popping a new fuse in. We all make mistakes but the difference between a good tech and a bad tech is how we handle it in my opinion.