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non-solvent inkjet print/cut


New Member
I need an inkjet printer, but I need my prints to be countour cut. The thing is, I don't want solvent inks because for my needs they present only a negligable advantage and so spending more to get it doesn't really make sense for me. The only thing I have found that fits the bill are the Roland CammJets (specifically I'm looking at the CJ-540). Is there anything else on the market I should be looking at?

Unfortunately there seems to be not much demand for a printer with these qualities because for most signprinters solvent inks are really the way to go if they're looking at inkjets and most other people who use printers have no need for a cutting plotter.


New Member
So you don't want an Eco-Sol printer either? Sounds to me like the Roland SP-300v or 540V would be good choices. If you want to take a further step up, the 545EXW will also print white.