Nostromo...anyone using it? Good, bad, ugly?


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It's actually marketed for gamers, but looks like it has nasty hot-key action the vector pimps.

Also, has anyone seen these new keyboards?




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I use the Nostromo for its intended purpose, gaming, makes accessing all the commands when I am blowing through Battlefield 2 a whole lot easier.

As for business productivity, I have been meaning to take it to work and try it out in Flexi and Photoshop. The potential for when you start working is there, all you keyboard commands within easy reach, I'll take it in tomorrow, the rest of the shop is on vacation so I'll have some time to play.

And that keyboard you posted, if and when they make a ergonomic version, I'll buy two, one for home and one for work. That thing will be awesome. Someone actually talked about making mini-games for it, like the bonk game at the arcades, see a key light up and press it before it goes away, that keyboard will be the last keyboard anyone needs to buy, at least for a little while.