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Need Help Not in my font folder and WTF could not help


Ready To Go
Need help on this font... I'm at a loss! Sorry for bad image.


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    IND SHOR 4.jpg
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The font looks like Serpentine Bold, but the serifs don't look very distinct, if they are even there at all on some letters. For example, the letter P doesn't appear to have any serifs.. I thought it could be Serpentine sans, but the terminals on the letters such as the letter C and E appear to be angular like Serpentine and unlike Serpentine Sans. My guess is these are stock graphics purchased from a company that specializes in police graphics and the Serpentine font has been modified slightly to make it somewhat proprietary, but I could be wrong. For all means and purposes, Serpentine Bold should work okay, it just might not be an exact match in every detail. It could just be the photo, too. Hard to say, really.
Am I the only one that can see that the terminals on the L, C and E are clearly angular and not square? If Serpentine Sans works out, that's great, but something is off about this.