Not polling media width (Vista issue?)


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I don't have the "Actual" Flexi but I have the SignWarehouse version LXi Master Plus 8.5

I been running it for a few years on XP Pro 64 and just recently moved it to my laptop which is Windows Vista (32bit).

Everything works just fine except for in the production manager, the button that you click to "Poll Media Size" is not highlighted anymore. Even when I choose custom size it doesn't allow me to have the cutter poll the media to determine it's width.

Is this a simple fix? Is it because I'm using Vista now? I can transfer the license back to the XP Pro machine and poll size works, just not on my laptop with Vista.

Any suggestions?



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It works on one OS and not the other, no reason to upgrade.

Any one ever experience this or have any suggestions?


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There has to be an issue or compatibility issue with the OS versions... I have a client with a Roland XC540 that Flexi 8.5 will not Poll Size, but will with Flexi 7.6.

Obviously the drivers change a bit from Flexi version to version but I believe it has to be something that the OS manufacturers have changed that Flexi has not updated their drivers to utilize this new feature set within the OS.