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Not really a newbie but need help on selecting a cutter!


New Member
Hello folks,

I haven't been here for quite a while. I have done searching the forum but I can't find a lot of info for the first 2 cutter below. First of all. About 5 years ago I bought a used Graphtec 3000-75 to make auto stickers. Used it for about 1+ year and made my money and resold it for the same price I paid for. Now, I'm thinking of getting back to making stickers. Anyway, my choice of cutter are below. So, I'm just trying to find more info or people that use the first 2 choices below and what you guys think of it.

1. Graphtec CE-5000-40?
Price is good and it's very portable but the max width is only 15".

2. SW QE-60 w/arms?
Graphtec rebranded. SW gave me a very good quote on this model. Can I used Graphtec Cutting Master plug-in for Illustrator on this machine?

3. Graphtec CE-5000-60?
It's a great cutter but I will need to save up a little more to get this. The price difference between this and the QE-60 I could use to purchase the vinyls.

Thanks in advance for your thought and advice.


Scott Reynolds

New Member
If your only cutting vinyl on the side (low volume), the QE-60 would work fine. Heck, you might not even need that much. With ARMs? You dont need no stinking arms... IMO


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I personally love my Craft Robo Pro 15" plotter :) then again I do a lot of mobile jobs so it works for me.. is built solid for such a small cutter and works and cuts like a champ. then again I can make ANY plotter work for me since I am very resourceful ;-)


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well seems like all your choices are graphtec. I was going to suggest graphtec. so there you go. Any graphtec will due.


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I decided to wait and purchased a used cutter instead to save money. So, I ended purchasing a used SW Vinyl Express QE60 for $600 off Craigslist. It's was purchased in 2009 since the guy gave me the invoice along with the LXi Expert Software and some vinyls. I really wanted a Graphtec but it works! So all in all, I think I got a great price for it except that I had to drive 2hrs for it.

Thanks guys!