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Novajet II - don't laugh


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Don't laugh, I'm working on a shoestring. I just bought a Novajet II, used obviously. No books or docs of any kind.

I see it uses HP 51626A cartridges, which HP uses with pigmented black ink so I think I can use some of the many pigmented inks out there. I'm having a hard time finding cartridges for it, short of the obvious route of buying HP 51626A and cleaning the black out of 3 of them. I think I can convert it to continuous ink feed.

Any ideas on where to get empty cartridges for this printer?


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Kent DeSautel helped me out tremendously when I switched over my inks and cartridges. If he doesn't carry what you need, he probably will know how to get it.



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Update... never did get the Novajet II to work for more than a few seconds. Intermittent problem in there somewhere, so sensitive that I can't even tell if it is in the main board or somewhere else.

Good news, though! A gentleman gave me a Novajet III from Freecycle. Lots of pigmented ink in bottles and cartridges, a bulk ink system installed (I'll be replacing the bottles with tanks of my own design), and lots of rolls of satin paper, inkjet vinyl, inkjet canvas, backprint film.

I'm waiting to hear back from Mr Sautel if he carries any replacement belts compatible with the Novajet III.

Plus I have all those cleaned out HP 26A cartridges I was going to use in the NJ II.

Any caveats? Am I going to find a RIP a necessity? As of now all I have for it are the drivers from Encad. Anyone have an old, out of date RIP for this they wish to sell cheap?



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Steve you'll definately need a rip.
I used to have an old Encad and the windows drivers wouldn't print well at all except for maybe solid vectors.

I used Signlab's rip and that worked out well, but I also tried Vinyl Master Pro's "Future Rip" and that worked great!
They have drivers & profiles for the Encad's with pigment ink (still on their site I believe). It's easy to use and comes free with Vinyl Master Pro.

So if you can pick up a copy of that from somewhere it'd probably be your best & cheapest option.


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Thanks! That one looks very good.

And I have a sign cutter too, so I'd maybe get some use out of the vinyl cutting portion of it.