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Need Help Number Plate Supplier - Initial Issues!

Carl Hanley

New Member
Hi everyone; new member here!

I am venturing on a new part-time (side) business selling number plates. However, I am coming across a few issues...

Aswell as selling number plates, am looking to sell bespoke, show plates of a range of shapes and sizes. I already have the drawings and already have a graphics company that will cut and bevel my sheets of acrylic to size.

The part i am struggling with is the printing. As my number plates will be a range of sizes that are not similar to what Tennants, Northern Number Plates, SMP etc etc supply, I am finding it difficult to know what printer to use and what media to print on as their printing hardware doesn't meet my bespoke demands...

I have also sourced my reflective vinyl which has an adhesive coating on the reflective side.

My method of printing would be:

Print on clear acetate/vinyl etc...
Apply clear vinyl to the rear side of acrylic.
Apply reflective material to the rear of the media / acrylic combination.

I have had a few prototypes made up by 3rd party companies but they require minimum order quantities going forward and that way i lose control of my sales and rely on others and therefore want to do this myself.

Do anybody have any contacts / recommendations on suppliers or materials or any general information on how I can proceed with this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks,