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OCE Print with White on top PRODUCTION MODE

Hey Guys is there a way to print in production mode with white on top

Im doing a bunch of reverse printed acrylic and would like to go faster than Quality_LAyered mode

OCE arizona 365GT
Onyx PH 12.1



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There isn't an option for layered Production mode. You'd probably need to print the panel with CMYK first, then run a second pass with flood white as StarSign just mentioned.


New Member
That's how we do layered white. Still takes 2 passes so probably no quicker than QL.


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The trick seems to be to do multiple passes as mentioned above. It makes good practical sense if you need to run the CMYK slow to get the quality you need and you can send the white on a faster mode. Any production shop we've seen running the Oce's or Fuji's was doing that.